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Better bikeways and pedestrian safety

Driving around Brisbane is slower and more expensive than ever. Bikes and ebikes are far cheaper than cars, quicker for many trips, and more fun to boot. 

But most of us don’t have a choice, because most roads in Brisbane are not safe for any but the bravest cyclists. That’s because under the LNP,  Brisbane City Council builds this city for cars alone. 

Cars dominate local shopping strips and school drop-offs across most of the city, making those places more hostile for walking and more dangerous for everyone. 

Streets for People: Make Cycling Safe

Many people simply don’t have a car or a driving licence because of their age, disability or life circumstances but they shouldn’t be locked into isolation. We can build world-class, safe, protected bikeways across this city and give everybody freedom to choose how they move around Brisbane.

A Greens-led Brisbane City Council will:

  • Give residents the freedom to get around without a car by building 35km of protected bike and scooter lanes on 15 high priority corridors, and starting planning for more. This would include:  
    • Complete the North Brisbane Bikeway, Wooloowin to Toombul
    • Kedron Brook Road via Wilston Village
  • Create direct connections by prioritising bike and scooter lanes to schools, hospitals, community facilities and shops and modernising Council’s street design standards. 

More information here.

Making Brisbane a walkable city

Under the LNP, Brisbane City Council has slashed funding for safe pedestrian crossings to fund their tax cuts for big developers. For years, the LNP have wasted money on ineffective road projects that put cars ahead of people. 

Before cars were seen as the main way to get around, streets were designed as public spaces for people to use, but since the mid-1900s they’ve been rebuilt around private cars, making everyone less safe. 

Pedestrian-focused streets make cities safer, quieter and more liveable. They are designed for people of all ages and needs, with trees for shade, benches for resting, and crossings for connection. They make space for verge gardens, street libraries, and community notice-boards.

Labor and LNP politicians have allowed private cars to dominate Brisbane’s streets at the expense of other modes of transport. Pedestrians are pushed onto narrower footpaths with less shade, while high speed traffic rushes by just metres away.

Dangerous streets mean more people choose to drive to work, school or the shops, and traffic keeps getting worse.

A Greens-led Brisbane City Council will:

  • Connect neighbourhoods by building 200 new pedestrian crossings
  • Make walking safer by building 200 kilometres of footpath
  • Calm down traffic with 100 new traffic-calming upgrades across the city
  • Give residents a say by creating democratic processes to lower speed limits on smaller local residential streets

More information here.