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Make big property developers pay their fair share

Brisbane is in a housing crisis. Since 2021, asking rents in Brisbane have climbed a staggering 45%. Here in Central Ward, more than 70% of people rent their homes.

Our city deserves politicians at all levels of government who will fight to end this housing crisis and ensure everyone has a safe place to call home. 

Unfortunately, both major parties are committed to protecting the profits of big developers rather than addressing the root causes of the crisis. Just six months ago, the LNP-dominated Brisbane City Council gifted property developers hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tax cuts. By waiving property infrastructure fees, the Council locked in a $400 million cut to their budget. That means less money spent maintaining and creating parks and green space, less money on safer streets, and much more.

Currently, developers are not contributing enough towards the cost of new infrastructure to cater for new developments. The Greens want to see more housing built to address Queensland’s housing crisis but this must be accompanied by appropriate investment into services for new infrastructure to accommodate population increases.

The Greens would reverse the LNP tax cuts for property developers and ensure they pay their fair share. 

We’ll also:

  • Prevent new development on flood-prone land, and turn it into public parkland and urban farms
  • Ensure height limits, property boundary setbacks and heritage protection rules are binding (not negotiable) for big developers
  • Require new developments to set aside 20% of site area for trees and wildlife habitat, and to include rainwater storage, passive cooling design features and at least one window for every bedroom.

To read more about our local government plan for housing, click here.