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Our environment

Over the last few years, our community has been through heatwaves, bushfires and floods. We need to declare a climate emergency at the council level and tailor the budget towards cooling our city and preventing climate collapse. 

Our local environment should be protected. Green space isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential part of living in the city, providing countless benefits to health and wellbeing. 

We have some amazing parks, waterways and public spaces across Enoggera Ward like Banks St Reserve, Sedgley Park, Downey Park, the Kedron Brook and Enoggera Creek, but they need to be protected. We’ve already seen Brisbane City Council try to commercialise inner-city green spaces in the past few years. In our changing suburbs we need to be sure everyone has good access to green space. 

We should also be encouraging greenery wherever we can – enhancing our verges and providing shade and shelter over our footpaths. I’ll fight to properly protect our urban bushland and wildlife that we can all enjoy.